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Danakil. Ultimately, from the Dhalak Archipelago of Dankalia, Eritrea.

Interests (in no particular order):

  • Mesoamerican languages, esp. Aztec(Nahuatl), Totonac and Huaxtec(Tenek)
  • Programming languages, esp. APL,J,NGL,K,FP,FL,ALGOL-68,Miranda
  • Cognitive linguistics, esp. Whorf,Wittgenstein,Lakoff,Deacon,Korzybsky,Kuhn (yes, T.Kuhn)
  • Geophysics, esp. Expansion Tectonics
  • Aerospace science, esp. Hybrid-fuel rocket engines, Aerodynamics (particularly interested in non-Bernoulli explanations of lift)
  • Mesoamerican history, esp. Izapan,Teotihuacan,Cuicuilco,Cotzumalhuapan,Tamoanchan
  • Biological anthropology, esp. Human origins,AAT(H)
  • Ancient languages, esp. Sumerian and Ancient Egyptian
  • Algorithms, esp. matrix-based non-iterative versions of the common ones
  • Bioinformatics, esp. fast sequence matching algorithms
  • Complexity, esp. Kauffman and his work on the "4th law" of thermodynamics
  • Paleoclimate, esp. as its effects on animal evolution and human history
  • Macroevolution, esp. its recurring patterns and their environmental contexts
  • English language, esp. its mono- and quasimono-syllabic features, and as a de facto universal language
  • Proto-languages, esp. their relationship with human history
  • Language isolates, esp. Basque,Tarascan(Purépecha),Sumerian
  • Ancient tool industries, esp. Solutrean
  • Quantitative linguistics, esp. Latent Semantic Analysis,Principal Components,Statistical Clustering&Identification
  • Language Origins, esp. in its relation to biological anthropology
  • Evemeristic legends/myths, esp. ancient egyptian,sumerian,mesoamerican,greek
  • Alternative mathematical/algorithmic notations, esp. following Iverson's, Backus', and M.B.Well's work
  • Quantum mechanics interpretations, I know... this is the one that will probably tear me to pieces


  • Arabian horses, ivory-colored Labrador Retrievers, Beta Splendens, King Cobras, White Siberian tigers, Hummingbirds, young Wombats
  • Unlimited-class racing Hydroplanes, original Yellow XP Sea-Doo watercraft, 16' Hobbie Cats
  • Ford GT-40, Ferrari Modena, 1995 Mustang Convertible, McLaren F1
  • North-American XB-70 Valkyrie, Concorde SST, X-15, Cessna 185 Skywagon, Cessna Cardinal RG, P-51 Mustang, competition sailplanes, Sukhoi Su-37
  • IBM Thinkpad laptops with Track-Point cursor control
  • ALGOL 68
  • Solitude
  • Fireplaces
  • Little-known underdogs -- (such as Northrop's F-5/F-20 and Lockheed's F-104 Starfighter/Lancer, in their competition against McDonnel-Douglas' F-15)
  • Chocolate, butter cookies
  • South American sweet-flute music, Colombian music (Carlos Vives, Bacilos)
  • Tropical thunderstorms, warm shallow tropical seas, pine-covered mountains

Contributions: Currently ranked within the top-500 in number of edits. Mostly in the areas of Mesoamerican and Programming languages.

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